Tuesday 1/3/2017
History of Abadan Faculty of Nursing
The beginning of Abadan Faculty of Nursing goes back to 1969, which started training the staff required in hospitals under the title of Paramedic School. This faculty began its formal activity since 1974 by student admissions through National Entrance Examination in both Nursing and Midwifery disciplines in associate degree. At the beginning of the imposed war in 1980, the center’s activity stopped and the students were inevitably transferred to Shiraz and Isfahan Universities. At the end of eight years of sacred defense, after reconstruction of the building by the efforts of the authorities in March 1992, in the fiftieth meeting of the Development Council of Universities of Medical Sciences, the center's reopening permit was issued under the name of Abadan Faculty of Nursing in March 7th 1992. Therefore, this faculty started working by admitting the first period of Nursing Baccalaureate Students (50 girls, 25 of whom had a scholarship of Social Security) in February 1993 as one of the eight faculties of Jondi Shapoor University of Medical Sciences, and this trend have continued Until October 2014 (twenty third Period).
In February 1993, the first evening course was admitted and continued until 1998 and then stopped. Since February 2000, the first period of student admission in Bachelor's degree began and this trend continued until 2007. During the postwar years, the authorities’ efforts in order to obtain a permit for different medical disciplines were useless, until October 2004 in the nineteenth session of board of trustees of the university have been agreed upon converting Abadan Faculty of Nursing to southern international unit of Ahvaz Jundi-shapur University of Medical Sciences. Following this agreement, Efforts to obtain authorization from the Development Council of Universities of Medical Sciences began, and eventually, in January 2006, following the president and his cabinet’s trip to Khuzestan, and Dr. Lankarani, minister of health’s visit to the Faculty, the permission to establish the international unit was obtained and in January 6th 2006, in the 178th meeting of the Development Council of Universities of Medical Sciences, The establishment of the international branch in Arvand Free Zone was fundamentally agreed upon and based on the notification dated October 29th 2007, approved in the 178th meeting of the Development Council of Universities of Medical Sciences, an agreement was reached for launching nine master’s degree disciplines (nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, nutrition, parasitology, anatomical sciences, biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology) and four specialized doctoral disciplines (PhD) (physiology, pharmacology, anatomical sciences, microbiology) in Khalij-e-Fars (Persian Gulf) international unit under the guidance and supervision of Abadan Faculty of Nursing.
To gain the cooperation of Arvand Free Zone Organization, formation of the unit’s board of directors, determination of the chairman of the international unit, formation of the triple investigation committees including students’ educational research committee, technical and construction committee, and budget and organizational committee, explaining the administrative – financial and educational organization, recruiting administrative – financial and educational experts, and signing contracts with professors of university of Medical Sciences as permanent or wage, doing structural modifications in the Faculty of Nursing, and designing the related website, and student admissions in professional doctoral degree disciplines (Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry), master degree in (Nursing, Midwifery, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Environmental Health), and Ph.D. ((Medical Physics, Pharmacology, Virology, Physiology) since October 2011, have been of the main measurements.
It should be noted that, training and supervision of 6 courses of master Nursing students in the international unit have been also the responsibility of Abadan Faculty of Nursing. Since April 25th 2011 the faculty of nursing turned into Abadan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, and since 2012, the permission for launching Medical, MS of Medical Technology and Surgery Room disciplines was granted to the faculty. In total, so far, training 34 courses of Baccalaureate Nursing students, 6 courses of Master’s Nursing students, and 3 courses of Baccalaureate Surgery Room students have been done by Abadan Faculty of Nursing.