Monday 1/2/2017
Introducing Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital of Abadan
Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital from past to present…
Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital of Abadan was established and exploited for therapeutic activities in 1973. During the years of sacred defense, it was closed due to aerial bombardments and its staff was sent to the adjacent cities. After the end of major overhaul in April 7th 1995, it started activity again. The hospital has been built in 61965 Sq. M. area and 22320 Sq. M. foundation.
Taleghani hospital has been a therapeutic center and at present it is under the supervision of Abadan University of Medical Sciences, and it is one of the hospitals where specialized services are provided in all wards. This hospital aims to reach the highest quality level, so that, it performs several activities such as quality improvement guarantee, utilization of accreditation resources, and risk management.
Policy of the Hospital:
This Hospital undertakes and must perform the followings:
·        Reception of free patients and those who have government insurance
·        Reception of emergency patients without considering the type of injury or the financial income
·        Compliance with patients’ Code of Conduct
·        Compliance with all health care rules
·        Continuous improvement of quality and environmental managements processes
·        Developing available customer services
·        Satisfying the customers
·        Promotion and maintenance of Clientele’s dignity in administrative system
·        Compliance with professional work principles and ethics.

The most important values of the hospit:

The Hospital’s Code of Conduct:
·        The staff of the hospital is committed to provide honest services to the people and believe that God’s satisfaction depends on his creatures’ satisfaction.
·        Trying to efficiently use the available resources in order to provide optimum services for the customers
·        Having honesty, sincerity and friendliness along with dealing responsibly with the clients
·        Timeliness, order and arrangement, seriousness and sympathy in providing services
·        Maintenance of order and neatness, civility, and respecting the patients.
The Hospital’s perspective:

Mission Statement of the Hospital:
The mission of Ayatollah Taleghani Training, Research, and Health Center as the largest hospital affiliated with the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Abadan, is to provide the most optimum health, educational, and research services, aiming to increase the satisfaction and building trust through continuous improvement and promotion of quality and quantity of services. In this way, we are committed to the following principles and values: