Wednesday 1/11/2017
Full name: Dr. Abdullah Khanzadeh
Position: Deputy Director Treatment in Abadan Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health Services

Deputy of treatment of Abadan Faculty of Medical Sciences
Deputy of treatment is one of the deputies of Abadan Faculty of Medical Sciences that in addition to communicating and implementing national policies of Ministry of Health, Policy making, support and monitoring of health centers in the districts covered, in order to provide health care that is safe, effective, efficient, on time and based on scientific evidence to patients.
Duties of Deputy of treatment
·        Preparation and codification of operational planning to achieve strategic objectives of deputy of treatment.
·        Supply and distribution of medical and paramedical special staff with the coordination with other deputies
·        Continuous monitoring and evaluation of all health clinics of the province in multiple time intervals through subsidiary offices
·        Supervising the good implementation of regulations and instructions of headquarter of deputy of treatment in affiliated medical institutions
·        Conducting applied researches in order to improve public health and troubleshoot the system problems
·        Monitoring the method of continuous coordination and cooperation with the insurance organizations
Goals of deputy of treatment
Organizational goals of deputy of treatment of Abadan faculty of Medical Sciences are to provide, maintain and promote the health of the community. And in this regard it follows three main objectives namely development of infrastructure needed and continuous improvement of health care services by using the resources, capabilities and performance of its various subset departments and units. This department has put the emphasis on continuous improvement of quality of service providing as the main cause of satisfaction of clients as the top priority of its performance.
The main objectives of the deputy of treatment of Abadan faculty of Medical Sciences:
1.     Development of infrastructure:
·        Collecting and analyzing statistical data of treatment units in order to estimate the required infrastructures
·        Determining the optimal situation on the basis of national standards notified
·        Modifying the number and capacity of medical and laboratory units based on population covered
·        Estimating the staffing requirements and determining the optimal situation in the areas of coverage
·        Reviewing the current situation of equipment and determining the optimal situation in the areas of coverage
2. Continuous quality improvement of services:
·        Determining the situation of existing indicators in the treatment area
·        Determining the situation of optimal standards in the areas of coverage
·        Increasing the awareness and capability of human forces in health care services of deputy of treatment
·        Increasing the awareness and capability of managerial forces in health care services of deputy of treatment
·        Continuous monitoring in order to ensure the establishment of standards and compliance with laws and regulations in the public and private health centers
Providing satisfaction of clients:
·        Determining the optimum situation of satisfaction for recipients and providers of health care services
·        Quick and easy providing health care services to clients in the areas of coverage
·        Increasing and promoting the motivation of health care providers in the centers of coverage
·        Regarding the economy of treatment in order to optimization and satisfaction of health care services recipients
Hospitals in the coverage
Hospitals Affiliated to Abadan University of Medical Sciences include four university hospitals (Ayatollah Taleghani of Abadan, Shahid Beheshti of Abadan, Hazrat-e-Valiasr of Khorramshahr and Shahid Moarefizadeh of Shadegan), one Social Security Hospital (Shahrivar 17th of Abadan), and one hospital in the oil industry (Imam Khomeini of Abadan) that totally have 1035 approved beds and in average 670 active beds.
Affiliation type
Approved beds
Ayatollah Taleghani
Shahid Beheshti
Imam Khomeini
Oil Industry
Shahrivar 17th
Social Security
Moarrefi zadeh
Non-governmental institutions active in the area covered by the deputy of treatment of Abadan faculty of medical sciences
In the area of Abadan Faculty of Medical Sciences, there are 195 offices (Including specialty offices, specialists, general practitioners, and dentists), 74 institutes and offices (Including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, optometry, offices of midwifery, etc.), 15 general and specialized clinics, limited surgical centers, Imaging centers, kidney stones crusher, technical orthopedic center, are providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to the people of the region.
Units of the deputy of treatment
·        Administration of hospital affairs
·        Administration of monitoring and accreditation
·        Administration of drug abuse treatment
·        Administration of reference laboratory
·        Emergency management center
·        Administration of treatment economy
·        Unit of medical statistics and records
·        Nutrition unit
·        Administration of Special Diseases
·        Midwifery unit
·        Public relations