Wednesday 1/11/2017
Deputy of Development and Resources
Full Name: Dr. Afshin Daryanbard
Position: Deputy Director of the Faculty Management and Resources Development
Phone: 53384028
Job Description:
·        Determining politics and policies of Abadan University of Medical Sciences in the field of human resource, financial, physical and information management and planning
·        Supplying  the human resources, financial, physical and information needs of the university
·        Supervising the good implementation of laws and administrative, financial and employment regulations of all subordinate units
·        Determining and communicating necessary rules and instructions in the field of personnel, administrative and support services, financial, account maintenance, performing costs, maintaining the properties and supervising their implementation
·        Monitoring the performance of credentials including current, civil and private
·        Supervision of computational the affairs and handling the invoices, documents and financial reports
·        Establishment of Coordination between administrative and financial units of the headquarter and the university
·        Study, investigate and propose corrective plans in the development of organization and management in the topics of management system, structure and organization, systems and methods, job classification and educating administrative and managerial sciences and technologies
·        Setting the politics and policies of budget codification on the basis of the approved policies and programs of ministry of health
·        Preparation and delivery of the most appropriate architectural and construction designs for the health care, treatment, educational and research units consistent with scientific principles and facilities and geographical and cultural conditions
·        Evaluation of construction requirements, installation and equipment and review to supply, maintenance, modernization, and development of health care, treatment, education and research centers and institutions
·        Monitoring the preparation and implementation of construction projects
·        To take all appropriate measures in supplying welfare for staff
·        Monitoring how to do the legal affairs of the university and proper enforcement of enacted laws and regulations
·        Notification of laws, decrees, regulations and articles of association related to the subordinate units and affiliated to the university
·        Preparing and filing plans and proposed bill in relation to the mission of the deputy
·        Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs, projects and running activities
·        Design and implementation of statistical system required by health and medical education
·        Preparation, drafting and implementation of programs related to the provision of statistical services required by universities and research and educational institutes and supervision over their good implementation
·        Gathering, collection, classification, and publishing information, statistics and indicators of health and education