Wednesday 1/11/2017
The mission of the Office of Public Relations
·        Development of media communications
·        Development of a public relations and client tribute
·        Strengthening the communication and integration within the organization and the development of external communication
·        The proliferation of research and content analysis in the area of public relations and strengthening the general opinion studies
·        Strengthening the Islamic culture and commemorating national - religious occasions
·        Timely introduction of capabilities and achievements in order to improve the position and prestige of the organization
·        Continuing the movement toward electronic public relations
·        Development and organization of information dissemination system and information-seeking
·        Development and strengthening networks of public relations in affiliated networks and centers
·        Creating the culture of public health training
·        Development and utilization of modern technologies of public relations
·        Development of resources and empowerment of human resources of public relations
Duties of public relations department
·        Collecting the information of required news and statistics for the procurement of domestic brochures and magazines
·        Monitoring the preparations for celebrations, conferences, congresses and meetings
·        Managing the formalities from the moment of entry to the exit of guests
·        To inform the public of the enhancements and results of the programs and activities of the faculty through the mass media and meetings and lectures and checking and adjusting public comments and ideas regarding the activities of the university
·        Studying all the press and newspapers and extracting contents and articles that are directly or indirectly concerned with the issues of the faculty
·        Preparation of different leaflets and brochures related to faculty and society issues
Vision of electronic public relations:
·        Designing the news database and information seeking of the faculty Public Relations
·        Upgrading the electronic public relations
·        Updating the content of information and information seeking database of the faculty public relations and preparing a backup of it
·        Preparing guidelines about the content of the faculty website and communicating to the subordinate units
·        Monitoring the content of the faculty website and interacting with the authorities of public relations of the subordinate units
·        Sending, receiving and checking the emails of public relations of the faculty
·        Interaction with the statistics and information technology unit of the university
Job description of the news and media unit:
·        Preparation of a comprehensive bank of information about the news agencies and mass media including full contact information about IRIB newspapers, magazines, news websites, newsletters of production managers, producers of IRIB and editors of the news based pages
·        Providing a comprehensive information database about the scientific and administrative personalities of the faculty separated by their academic rank, academic title and job status
·        Creating a dynamic relationship with the news agencies and journalists of health
·        Interaction with the public relations volunteers for a two-way communication between journalists and the faculty environment
·        Holding press conference
·        News coverage of events and conferences
·        Implementation of informative programs of the faculty according to the strategy and policies of the faculty
·        Interaction with IRIB in order to reflect the services, achievements and honors of the faculty
Job description of ceremonies and occasions:
·        Management of holding ceremonies and coordination with the relevant unit and the executive team
·        Creating a plan for the ceremonies
·        Procurement and installation of banners for the ceremonies
·        Planning and conducting religious ceremonies, parades and gatherings
Job description of the audiovisual unit:
·        Multimedia management of ceremonies and rituals
·        Preparation of images, videos and news from the events and environments covered by the faculty
·        Creation of audiovisual archives
·        Production of educational films
·        Preparation of television subtitle and TV clips
·        Preparation caption demo software
Job description of polling and public opinion management unit:
·        Checking the news of health sector in the press and sending it via email to the faculty chairman and officials
·        To respond and investigate the public complaints
·        To review and follow up daily text messages sent to the SMS system
·        To review and follow up daily correspondence boxes of the direct contact with the Dean of the Faculty
·        Conducting faculty polls and sending the analytical results to the chairman