Wednesday 1/11/2017
University President:
Name: Seyed Mohamma
Last name: Mohammadi
Email: Dr.SM.Mohammadi@abadanums.ac.ir
The proceedings and services of the presidency office:
Office of the university president is the place of receiving correspondences and sending replies and checking the letters and coordination of 20 units of the presidential area and adjusting the time of the president of the university and responding to the clients. This office is the main center of the focus of the issues related to the health system. Colleagues working in the office of the presidency try to respond to all the clients with tolerance despite the high volume of verbal and non-verbal referrals.
A summary of the duties of the Office of the Presidency are as follows:
-         Performing office and administrative affairs of the university president in relation to domestic and international and academic communications
-         Receiving correspondences from the university units and issuing the notification of all correspondence, instructions, and ideas of the university president to the university units and institutions and organizations outside the university
-         Performing coordination in general meetings of the university president with clients
-         Coordination in current office affairs
-         Performing other tasks assigned by the university president
-         planning for the annual and daily work calendar of the university president
-         performing required coordination with all deputies and sub-units
-         Planning and organizing meetings, conferences and gatherings such as meetings of the Board of Directors, the Council of the University, and meetings of university managers...
-         Planning and necessary coordination for the university president to visit the centers, hospitals and units affiliated to the university as well as healthcare networks of the city
-         Referring the letters and providing answers to the letters received and...
-         Making appointments for the applicants to meet the University President
-         tracking, guidance and solving problem of clients who need assistant and care
-         Guidance and tracking affairs of people referring to the office and ...